Please Read Before Moving Forward!!

Hello and congratulations on your purchase of your Eclipse by JLab MP3 player. We are excited to welcome you to the JLab Family!


We have this FAQ section to help you with many common problems you may run into with your player. Before moving forward, please take your time to read and understand the following:


-While we do our best to make our players as user friendly as possible, basic to moderate computer knowledge is required to successfully operate your player. If you do not feel comfortable or are not familiar with computers, we would recommend consulting a professional for direct support.

-We do not Troubleshoot computer issues. We sadly cannot provide direct support for, but not limited to the following, computer issues for liability reasons:

                -Downloading or where to download music

                -Converting files to Mp3

                -Issues with 3rd party software

                -Computer operation (finding files, operating system navigation, etc.)

-We do support and troubleshoot the Player itself. This would mean basic operating functions and problem troubleshooting of the Mp3 player directly. This entails navigation of menus and functions and button controls.

-We provide these FAQ guides for suggestive purposes only. We cannot provide further assistance or troubleshooting with 3rd party software or programs. If you have a issue with any 3rd party website or program we would recommend reaching out to the program developer or website itself for support.

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