How do I rip my CD's using Windows Media Player/

Q: How do I get my CDs onto my MP3 Player with Windows Media Player?


A: Many customers choose to use the Windows Media Player program to load music onto their Eclipse MP3 Player for its interface and simplicity. While it is not our recommended method of file transfer, you can still use this program.

Below you will find video instruction how to transfer files on a CD to an Eclipse MP3 player. These instructional videos will review ‘Part 1: Ripping Your CD to Your Computer’ and ‘Part 2: Transferring Your Files’ using the drag and drop method we recommend.



****Please note that we provide these instructions as a general overview and your PC settings may differ from the settings presented. If you have any issues using Windows Media Player we would recommend contacting Microsoft for technical support directly for support with that program.****


Link to Part 1


Link to Part 2

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