How Do I Charge My Eclipse Mp3 Player?

Q: How do I charge my Eclipse MP3 Player?
A: To charge your player, regardless of model, you will charge via the supplied USB cable. Included in your purchase is a standard USB cable which can be connected to any USB charging source. We highly recommend using a computer to charge your device as this will always be the safest method of delivering charge to your device.
You can also use any USB wall charger as long as that charger does not exceed 5 volts. Many chargers will have their maximum voltage displayed on the packaging or charger itself. If you are unsure of voltage, please contact the manufacturer of your charger for further information.
Most charge times range between 2-4 hours depending on the charge source. A normal charge can last between 6-8 hours but can vary depending on how you use your player.
Below we have some visuals for the different charge screens for our line of players for your reference.
Charging from a Computer:
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