How do I get my videos the play on my Eclipse Mp3 Player?

Question:  Why don’t my videos play on my Eclipse Mp3 Player?


Answer: While our players do play a variety of video formats we have had the best and most consistent success with AMV and AVI formats. These formats are going to be the most user friendly and are best tailored to the needs of your MP3 player.

Below you will find our recommended video converters which will help you convert your videos to AMV and AVI.

Most of our newest MP3 players (likely purchased after Jan 1, 2016) will work with AVI format which is the more common of the two, but some of the older players will require AMV format. Please first try using AVI format and should you run into issues, then you would want to use AMV format as that is the file type we have had the most consistent success with.


*Please note that JLab provides these links as reference only as a courtesy for our customers and does not claim and responsibility for any issues or problems that may arise from the use of these products. JLab is in no way affiliated with the following companies and will not be able to provide any technical support for these programs.*


-MpxConverter: This software will convert your video files to AMV format which is the recommended video format for our Mp3 players. 


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