Why do my songs not play in the correct order?


Question: Why won’t my songs play in order?


Answer: All music files have something called ID3 tags.

This is an internal filing system within each song that lets your device know the Album, Artist and Track associated with each Mp3 file you load. If this information is not set correctly within the Mp3 file, the song may not play in the correct order or not be in the correct place in your Mp3 player.

To get your Music to play in the correct order, you will need to update the ID3 tags on your music files. Below we have selected a few programs that will help you get the job done and back to Rockin Out!


*Please note that JLab provides these links as reference only as a courtesy to our customers and does not claim and responsibility for any issues or problems that may arise from the use of these products. JLab is in no way affiliated with the following companies and will not be able to provide any technical support for these programs.*


1. Mp3 Tag Editor Online- Click Here for Mp3 Tag Editor Online  

2. Tag Editor Free for Mac- Click here for Tag Editor

3.Tag Scanner Free PC- Click here for Tag Scanner

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