What programs can I use to convert my files to MP3?

Q: What programs can I use to convert my files to MP3?

A: There are a variety of free and paid conversion programs available for converting files to MP3. A Google search will turn up a multitude of these programs for you to download. There are many choices, but here are a few we recommend.

*Please note that JLab provides these links as reference only as a courtesy for our customers and does not claim and responsibility for any issues or problems that may arise from the use of these products. JLab is in no way affiliated with the following companies and will not be able to provide any technical support for these programs.*


  1. Online Audio Converter: This is a actual website you can upload your non Mp3 music files to and convert them without downloading any software!


Click Here to go to Online Audio Converter



  1. iTunes: Most people do have this already on their PC and is going to be the most widely used. We also have some tutorials on how to use this program to convert files to Mp3 in our support section.


Click Here For ITunes



  1. Media Monkey: This software came with previous versions of our player. It has been updated, and we would recommend having the latest version.


Click Here For Media Monkey



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