Where Can I Download Music From Online?

 Q: Where should I download music for my Eclipse MP3 Player?

A: There are many sites and options available to download music for your MP3 player. The file format is the most important factor to consider. Your player requires the file format to be: MP3 or WMA. If it is not in this format it will not play correctly in your Eclipse Mp3 Player.

Please also note that any files you download CANNOT be D.R.M equipped. D.R.M. or Digital Rights Management is going to be used by most music streaming sites and some retailers. If you are unsure if your files have D.R.M, please check with the retailer you purchased the content from.

While JLab Audio neither endorses or supports the following companies, these are some of the biggest downloadable music suppliers on the internet:

(Please note, we cannot provide technical support for downloading music or file conversion and any questions regarding this would need to be directed to the retailer which you purchased your content from.)


Click Here for Google Play

Click Here for Amazon Music

Click Here for Microsoft Music

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