How To Convert Your Itunes Files To Mp3

Your Mp3 Player can play a variety of music file types but when it comes to Itunes, the standard Itunes format of Mp4 or AAC will not be compatible with your player. To make your songs play correctly, we would need to covert them to the correct format of MP3 or WMA. If your songs are not in the correct format you will likely get the message "Format Error" or they will not show up on your player.

Luckily Itunes provides the option to convert your files to Mp3 format so they will play on your Eclipse Mp3 Player. This video will give you a step by step instruction on how to do this in Itunes.


Below you will find a link to this instructional video:

Click Here







* Please note we provide this walk though as a example only and cannot provide actual support for Itunes beyond this video. Due to updates, some of the steps features shown may not be the most up to date. For any issues with file conversion, we would recommend contacting Itunes Support for further questions.



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