My Bluetooth device is losing its connection

There are several factors that could be leading to a dropped Bluetooth connection.  

Please check the following to see if we can resolve the issue:

1) Please ensure that your device and the headset are fully charged.  Poor battery life on either could impact performance and cause a dropped connection.

2) Try adjusting the position of the player to ensure it is being worn properly.

3) If you are using the phone indoors, other wireless equipment such as wireless internet, cordless phones, or monitors, that operate on the    2.4Ghz frequency may cause interference, and contribute to a dropped connection.  Please test to see if the same issue persists outside.

4) If you are using the phone outdoors, the Bluetooth signal may be affected by the environmental conditions.  Please test to see if the same issue persists inside.

5) Check to ensure all metal objects, such as keys or coins, are kept away from the phone and accessory to avoid interference.

6) If none of the above correct the issue, please attempt to delete the current Bluetooth partnership, and re-connect the Bluetooth accessory.

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