How do I pair my Go Bluetooth?

Please ensure that your Bluetooth devices are fully charged.  Poor battery life on either could impact performance and cause a dropped connection.

In order to reach pairing mode, you will need to hold the button until the red and blue lights begin alternating back and forth.  You will see activity before the lights begin alternating and will need to continue to hold the button until this point.

Here are more detailed instructions how to pair the Go Bluetooth with your device:

1. Press and hold the S4 key until the red & blue lights start flashing alternately.  This normally takes about 10 seconds or so for the lights to begin alternating, however this could differ on some headsets.  You will see this pattern in the lights before alternating.

After about 5 seconds the red and blue lights will flash together.  Continue holding the button and you will see the red light only begin to flash.  Continue holding the button a few more seconds until you see the red and blue lights begin flashing back and forth.

The device is now ready to be paired with another Bluetooth compatible device.

2. Begin to pair with your compatible device (Please refer to device user manual). A search for devices will show “JLab-1BT” in your device list. Select this device.

3. Pairing should now be complete.

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