My sound is less than perfect, or the volume is too low

  • Please ensure that your device is fully charged
  • Test your speaker with another device
    • Please try testing your product with another device to see if the issue can be replicated. If you encounter the same issue with more than one device, it is likely not something that can be resolved through troubleshooting. Please file a warranty claim.
  • Move your device closer to the player
    • Please try moving your device closer to the player to ensure a solid connection is made.
  • Reboot your Bluetooth device and the Player
    • Turn off your Bluetooth device and the player then power them both back on.
  • Ensure your Bluetooth Device is on and connected with the player
    • Please review the instructions on how to pair your Bluetooth device with the player. Ensure that the device is on and connected in your device's settings.
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