Epic Air: Touch Sensor Recalibration

Epic Air: Touch Sensor Recalibration: 

Recalibrating your Epic Air touch sensors may resolve inconsistencies related to:

  • Volume Up/Down
  • Play/Pause
  • Track Forward/Back

Please check out the following instructions and video to recalibrate the touch sensors on your Epic Air earbuds.  If you are still having any issues, please reach out to use at or 866.358.6640.  

  • Perform the recalibration one earbud at a time
  • Power on one earbud
  • After it’s powered on, press the power/pairing button ten times (the LED should be solid white now)
  • Hold the earbud by the outside of the earbud housing or the hook. Make certain that nothing is touching the touch sensor. 
  • Press the power/pairing button one time (The LED light should blink Blue)
  • The earbud's touch sensor has now been recalibrated (earbud will remain powered on). 
  • Perform the previous steps for the other earbud.  Both earbuds have now been successfully recalibrated. 


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